Upon Acceptance
All contributors whose projects are accepted for Emerging Technologies agree to:
  • Provide labeled slides (35mm), videos (NTSC VHS), and images to be reformatted for exhibit purposes in Emerging Technologies and SIGGRAPH 2000 publications.
  • Coordinate arrival of all equipment to the conference. SIGGRAPH 2000 will not provide special assistance for transportation and will assume no responsibility for damaged or lost equipment.
  • Provide adequate technical and operational support during the entire conference.
  • Dismantle and remove equipment and exhibits on Saturday, 29 July 2000.
Presenter Recognition
Information on how SIGGRAPH 2000 will support your participation if your work is accepted.
Documentation of Emerging Technologies will appear in an appropriate SIGGRAPH 2000 publication.
For information on the responsibilities of presenters whose work is accepted for SIGGRAPH 2000, please see the Emerging Technologies Presenter Notebook.
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