Upon Acceptance
Contributing artists agree that if their works are accepted, they will:
1   Arrive at SIGGRAPH 2000 with all necessary equipment and staff, and have such equipment fully installed and functional by 23 July 2000. Note: SIGGRAPH cannot be responsible for shipping charges.
2   Coordinate arrival of all equipment at SIGGRAPH 2000.
3   Insure their works to and from the conference.
4   Provide adequate operational and technical support personnel to maintain full operation of their project for up to six full days.
5   Dismantle and remove equipment on 28 July.
6   Accept responsibility for travel and lodging of all persons associated with their project.
7   Provide by specified deadlines any necessary materials for use in SIGGRAPH 2000 publications.
8   Guarantee that all contributors are legally authorized to submit their materials for publication and presentation.
Sketches & Applications
Are the techniques used to produce your work as original and innovative as the work itself? Will the Art Gallery audience be as inquisitive about the production as they are impressed by the work? If so, consider submitting a proposal to Sketches & Applications so you can present the entire creative process and answer those questions.
Presenter Recognition
Information on how SIGGRAPH 2000 will support your participation if your work is accepted.
For information on the responsibilities of presenters whose work is accepted for SIGGRAPH 2000, please see the Art Gallery Presenter Notebook.
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