Web3D RoundUp: Looking Backwards and Forwards

Vol.34 No.2 May 2000

Interactive 3D Interface for E-Business Solutions

Pekka Parnanen
CYBELIUS Software, Inc.

Figure 1: Interactive, configurable 3D phone. You can change the colors and operate the phone just as in real life.

Figure 2: Interactive camcorder. You can turn it on, zoom in and out and open visor and LCD screen.

Figure 3: Photorealistic Nokia 8810 phone with reflections.

CYBELIUS Software presented the application solution, Interactive 3D Interface, and won the 2000 Web3D RoundUP Golden Lasso Award for the best e-commerce demo. The demo was based on our technology that aims to connect Interactive 3D Interface with e-commerce/e-business solutions. The Interactive 3D Interface is delivered in e-business solutions as the top layer providing access to databases, configuration and other related systems via the 3D models of products. Interactive 3D interface makes the e-commerce shopping experience easier and more effective with “realistic touch and feel” of the products.

The demo attempted to address a few important issues:

  •  How do you use such an interface with interactivity related to 3D product models?
  •  How do you connect 3D to back-end systems?

The models used were modeled in 3D using Kodak’s camera-based technology. The interactivity to the 3D models and to the back-end systems were generated using tools and technology developed by CYBELIUS Software.

What we demonstrated to the audience, and what we thought was cool, was that we could show 3D product models/objects being generated using camera-based technology, and demonstrate these objects having interactivity added using the Interactive 3D Interface (i.e., to manipulate the 3D products and to be able to configure them on the fly).

The target audiences for our solution/technology are e-business solution providers and integrators, e-tailors/dot.coms and larger enterprises. All of these can use the Interactive 3D Interface to add value to their solutions.

The Web3D RoundUP gave us a good opportunity to show the 3D audience our technology and skills, and especially to deliver the message that 3D is moving to mainstream in e-commerce! Let’s not forget the great adrenaline rush the presenters get out of the Web3D RoundUP event itself.

Our goal is to help everyday users of e-commerce on the web to have a better understanding of the products they are planning to purchase, and develop easy-to-use e-commerce applications. This enhanced on-line shopping experience uses 3D graphics instead of 2D and text. Also the CYBELIUS Interactive 3D Interface will, we hope, replace the dull and hard-to-use 2D text-based interface for configuring the products. The same interface structure can also be utilized in retrieving information on the products and availability directly from the 3D model itself. It is truly an interactive process, with access to databases and outside systems and information, i.e. utilizing all the true capabilities of the web. We believe this will take the web to the next dimension!

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