Vol.33 No.3 Aug. 1999

The Story of Computer Graphics

Fiat Lux is included in the ACM SIGGRAPH HDTV 90-minute video documentary entitled The Story of Computer Graphics.

Premiering at SIGGRAPH 99, The Story of Computer Graphics shows how computer graphics has made an impact on all our lives, as well as in the way we do our jobs. Carl Machover, President of Machover Associates, puts it best: “Over the years, I’ve said that computer graphics has moved from being a cure for no known disease to being a cure for all known diseases!!” This 90-minute video, mastered entirely in HDTV, gives the average person a perspective on how the technology evolved.

Following the 45-year evolution of digital technology, the film shows how everything from weather patterns, flight simulations and surgery to the animated effects found in feature films such as Jurassic Park, Tron and Terminator II are produced.

Adding the human element through interviews with more than 50 CG pioneers, this documentary spotlights the challenges that have been faced by the technicians, artisans, visionaries and studios in creating the hardware and software that have literally changed how we visualize the world. An excellent example of this is the Fiat Lux project produced by Paul Debevec and his team.

The video is a three-year effort conceived by Walt Bransford, SIGGRAPH 98 Chair and realized by the production team of: Steve Silas, Producer; Frank Foster, Director and Writer; Joan Collins Carey, Co-Producer; Judson Rosebush, Writer; Carl Machover, Co-Executive Producer; and Dr. John Hart, Co-Executive Producer.

For more images and information on The Story of Computer Graphics, please refer to Carl Machover’s Pioneers Column in this issue.