Vol.33 No.3 August 1999

3D & Data Sources

Data TypeFormCategoryExamplesReadily Available in Digital FormTime ComponentLinkage to VideoRelationship to 3DCurrent State of 3D Use
Physical SpaceGeographic, Land or Geophysical DatabasesNatural and Man Made in the Same SceneFlight Simulation; Oil ExplorationComponents are Usually Available - Data Integration to Build Databases is a ChallengeUsually Happens During the Exploration of the Data BaseLimitedIntegral Part of the Process of ExplorationFight Simulators - Sophisticated
Natural ObjectsTrees, Animals, MountainsNaturalTrees, Animals, MountainsNoBased on Use of DataNoLimitedLimited
PeopleSurfaces, Audio, Textures, BehaviorsNaturalSpecific Individuals or Plausible IndividualsNoFrequentlyPotentiallyMeans to Associate with Individuals or EnvironmentVery Limited - Mostly and Moving Figures
Organs - Human or AnimalNumerical Representation of the Body PartNaturalHeartLimitedOn a Case-by-Case BasisLimitedVisualization ToolTraditional 3D Pipelines do not work well with Voxel data
Surface Description3D Digitization or Surface ModelingNatural and Man MadeDTED, Physical ObjectVaries by SourceOn a Case-by-Case BasisLimitedLimitedLimited
Objects - CAD and OtherObject Component Descriptions with Many AttributesMan MadeEngine Model; House PlanYes;Many Different CAD and Object FormatsOnly in Dynamic SimulationNoVisualization ToolIncreasing Penetration with Solid Modeling
Volumetric DataVoxel DataMan Made or NaturalWeather Data; Body Organs; Fluid FlowVaries by SourceFrequentlyOn a Case-by-Case Basis3D in Voxel Form is a Critical Visualization ToolUsually Limited to High End Systems
Abstract Data RepresentationsDatabases of InformationMan MadeMarket Data in DatabasesYesOn a Case-by-Case BasisLimitedNot Yet Fully ExploredLimited
Financial Data NumericalMan MadeStock Ticker; Corporate Financial DataYesFrequentlyNoVisualization ToolLimited Applications - Usually High End
Non-Visible ObjectsVaries Based on the ObjectMan Made or NaturalCFD; Atoms; GalaxyVaries by SourceOn a Case-by-Case BasisLimitedVisualization ToolLimited Applications - Usually High End
2D Images or Bit Map RepresentationsPhotographs, Printed Pages, Television or other Spatial ObjectsMan MadePhotographs; VideoYes, Access May be Restricted by OwnershipVideo - YesYes LimitedLimited In the Case of Actual Video

Source: 4th Wave, Inc.