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Teresa Lang

In a past life, I was a polar bear. In this life, however, I no longer stroll over tundra but have found myself testing computer animation software to pay the rent, and making animated films, comics and other art in my “spare” time :)

About the comics I draw for this newsletter: I draw them on paper first then scan them into a program called Toonz where I color them before sending them off to Gordon. Toonz is really a program for cartoon animation but works really well for comics too :) I’m enjoying the process of drawing comics - it’s so much quicker than drawing an animated film.

Before coming to play at SOFTIMAGE, I worked for various animation production houses here in Montreal. I have also made a few independent short animated films (this means they were made with little funding). If you can get a hold of Spike and Mike’s video entitled Festival of Animation Volume 2, you can see my film License to Kill Part 1990.

I’m working on a short animated film using 3D computer animation (again in my “spare” time). It’s about a smoking moose, his pet canary, a tiger and an angry Italian raccoon. Hopefully I’ll finish it before the end of the next millennium. Previous cartoon