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SIGGRAPH 98 History Project

Vol.32 No.3 August 1998

Other Celebration Events

Carl Machover
SIGGRAPH 98 History Chair

Final details of a number of celebration events were still being worked on at Computer Graphics presstime. In order to provide as complete a record as possible of the 25th conference celebration, brief descriptions of functions and displays not discussed elsewhere in this issue are provided below.

Academy Awards

Over the years, SIGGRAPH people have received a number of Academy Awards. Tom Bingham, one of the award winners, has planned an exhibit of photos and possible video clips depicting technical and artistic awards.

Celebration Party

The 25th celebration “Birthday Party” brings together all conference attendees for an hour of subdued revelry culminating in traditional birthday party refreshments. Attendees are encouraged to wear vintage SIGGRAPH T-shirts. Hosted by Walt Bransford, SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Chair, and Carl Machover, SIGGRAPH 98 History Chair, the celebration recognizes past SIGGRAPH Chairs and Conference Chairs, the SIGGRAPH 98 Chairs, SIGGRAPH award winners, 20-year or longer SIGGRAPH exhibitors and Computer Graphics Pioneers. After the strains of “Happy Birthday to You” die away, everyone is invited to the roaring Professional Chapters party/reception which follows.

Portraits of Computer Graphics

Portraits of Computer Graphics is an exhibit curated by Dr. Bertram Herzog. Approximately 80 photographs of noteworthy individuals in the field of computer graphics are displayed. The collection was inspired by The Computer Museum collection, “Portraits of Computing: Wizards and their Wonders,” initiated as part of the ACM 97 Conference, celebrating ACM’s 50th anniversary.

The Portraits of Computer Graphics participants were selected by a peer nomination procedure, and the photographs were taken by noted photographer, Mr. Louis Fabian Bachrach III.

Videoconference Panel

Computer Graphics Pioneers in Orlando, Washington D.C. and England discuss CG’s biggest contributions in the last 25 years, CG’s greatest challenges, and what CG will look like in the next 25 years. The audience at each site has the opportunity to ask questions of any of the panelists. This 90-minute teleconference may be the first such event at any SIGGRAPH. In Orlando, the Panel Chair is Carl Machover, Machover Associates Corporation. Panelists are Dr. David B. Arnold, Professor, Computing Science, School of Information Systems, UEA and Dr. Judith R. Brown, Advanced Research Computing Services, WEEG Computing Center, University of Iowa.

In Washington D.C. at the Smithsonian Institution, the Panel Chair is Dr. John C. Gebhart, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, InterCAP Graphic Systems. Panelists are Dr. Charles Heller, Charles Heller Associates and Dr. Robert Thurber, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist, Intergraph Corp.

In Bradford, England at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, the Panel Chair is Dr. Phil Willis, Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath, England. Panelists are Dr. Richard Guedj, Directeur Scientifique, Institut National des Telecommunications, France, and Dr. Klaus Kansy, GMD-National Research Center for Information Technology, Germany.

Film Show Classics

In honor of the 25th conference celebration, under the direction of SIGGRAPH 98 Computer Animation Festival Chair Ines Hardtke, SIGGRAPH 98 presents a special animation event, Film Show Classics.