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SIGGRAPH 98 History Project

Vol.32 No.3 August 1998

Trading Cards

Carl Machover
SIGGRAPH 98 History Chair

One of the most “fun” SIGGRAPH 98 history projects was the production of a set of about 80 trading cards, depicting most SIGGRAPH award winners (through 1997), pioneering computer art (selected by Joan Truckenbrod) and classic computer graphics technology (selected by Carl Machover).

A few cards are being given to each registrant, and attendees are encouraged to swap cards in an attempt to collect a complete set. Packets of about five cards are also being sold in the SIGGRAPH 98 merchandise store. A complete listing of the cards in the set is posted in the merchandise store.

A typical card (featuring Ed Catmull) is reproduced below. Ed Catmull Ed Catmull