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Application Form for Funding for Project Grants

Purpose of Project Grants: SIGGRAPH's Project Grants Committee seeks new and innovative projects of benefit to the SIGGRAPH membership and to the computer graphics community. A modest budget is available to fund small, interesting projects, or seed potentially large projects. Essentially, projects will be funded that have promise in promoting or advancing computer graphics generally. The review will be based on the need for the project, the effect on the computer graphics community and/or industry, its support of SIGGRAPH's Strategic Plan the breadth of the project's application in computer graphics and interactive techniques, and the likelihood of success. 

The following criteria based on these goals will be used to evaluate project proposals. Submissions may be sent in at any time. Proposals are considered as they are received, with two to six months evaluation cycles. An inquiry to the Chair of the Project Grants Committee is appropriate if the proposer is not certain of the suitability of an idea for a special project, is unable to answer the questions below, or in cases when a proposal not supported may be suitable for revision. If the proposal does not require slides, pictures, or other ancillary material, it is preferable that it be submitted by E-mail as explained in Section 5) below. 

Proposal Title: _____________________________________________________ 

Person(s) responsible for the conduct of the project, with the first listed person as the 

Project Director: ____________________________________________________ 

 or person who is the fiscally responsible person for the project: 


Total Amount Requested for Project: $ _______ 

Project duration: Start _______ End _________ 

Is the project director a SIGGRAPH member? Yes or No

Address, phone and fax numbers, E-mail and affiliation of the Project Director: 



1) Areas of Interest and Abstract:

SIGGRAPH's Project Grants Committee funds innovative projects that will benefit the SIGGRAPH membership and the computer graphics community by promoting or advancing computer graphics. Local projects must offer a replicable model for others to follow to be of interest. Please explain in your answers below how your proposed project falls within the areas of interest for special projects and how it benefits the siggraph and computer graphics communities. Areas that do not fall within the scope of the Project Grants Committee for funding are those already funded by other SIGGRAPH committees such as the Education Committee and the Small Conferences Committee. (You may consult the SIGGRAPH WWW page: http:/ /www.siggraph.org) for a contact. Please provide here an Abstract describing the project in 500 words or less to allow a determination of the area of interest of the project. 

2) Consideration of positive factors.

The following positive factors should be explained by the proposer if they are within the scope of the project. It is not necessary to include all positive factors for a project to be selected and there may be factors that are not listed explicitly which may make a project suitable (explain under Other Positive Factors). 

a) INNOVATION: Explain briefly why you believe this is an innovative project and how the originality of the project advances the field of computer graphics. 

b) NEED: What is the need for this project, and who are the beneficiar ies of the results from the project? 

c) EXPECTED OUTCOME: What is the effect of this project on the computer graphics community and/or industry, and what is the nature of such effect? 

d) BREADTH: How broad a range of applications in computer graphics and interactive techniques does this project have? How large a population of computer graphics people would be affected? 

e) PLANS: Explain the project organization, timetable, and any planning that has been made to improve its likelihood of success. Evaluate risk factors in the conduct of the project. Indicate plans for dissemination of the results of the project. 

f) ONLINE ASPECTS: Is this a project that has potential for online use or applications in information technology impacting or being impacted by computer graphics? 

g) PUBLIC AND SOCIAL POLICY: Is this a project that has aspects that would impact public policy related to computer graphics? Would this project improve participation of minorities or women in computer graphics? Explain. 

h) OTHER POSITIVE FACTORS: Are there other postitive factors not included in the sections above? 

3) Potential negative factors

(Projects with valuable positive factors may withstand some negative aspects as judged by the Committee, but in general the negative factors should be avoided.) 

a) Is this project a commercial request? Does this project provide direct financial returns to the proposer? (Indirect financial returns would be associated with the fame and glory of carrying out the project.) Explain. 

b) Would this project affect only a local or small regional group of computer graphics people? Explain. 

c) Could this project be funded by a research agency or a research organizati on? If so, why should SIGGRAPH and not the agency be asked to fund the project? Explain. 

d) Would the only product resulting from this project be a book? Explain.&nbs p;

e) Is there any part of the funding for this project that would be used to pay a person who is a SIGGRAPH volunteer or is assuming the role of a SIGGRAPH volunteer? If such is the case, explain why this person(s) is not donating his or her time to the project. 

f) Please explain any other areas of concern that might impair the conduct of the project or that you may want to bring up to the attention of the Project Grants Committee. 

g) Is this proposal copyrighted? If this is the case, state so and see the next section on INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 

4) Intellectual Property

This is to inform any project director or fiscally responsible person for a proposal submitted to the Project Grants Committee that funding of a project is conditional  upon agreeing to provide to SIGGRAPH a no-cost license of any product produced as part of the Project Grant for distribution through SIGGRAPH's channels at SIGGRAPH's expense. SIGGRAPH, however, respects and recognizes the patents and copyrights of the proposer's work while reserving its right to the above-mentioned license. Results from the project may include, but are not limited to, reports, video tapes, films, slides, books, articles, and art work. To receive funding of a proposal as a special project, the project director or responsible person for the project will have to consider these requirements. 

Project Director or Fiscally 
Responsible Person for Proposal:____________________________________ 
                                                                      (Printed Name)

5) Contents of the proposal: Project Information

In addition to the information requested above, provide a brief description of the project, which may include: 

a) a full description of the project with any appendices to describe the project in a more visual or comprehensive manner. 

b) a full description of all the anticipated special results from this project, describing all activities and/or products of this project. 

c) a complete budget indicating the source of the funding, and making particularly clear the funding requested from the Project Grants Committee with suitable justifications as necessary. 

d) the names and addresses with phone and E-mail of all persons involved in the proposed activities associated with the project and a brief vita of them or, alternatively, an explanation of their role in the project. You may include a pointer to web site(s) directly related to the project. 

Five hard copies of the project information requested above may be submitted to the Chair of the Project Grants Committee if the project proposal documentation requires slides, pictures, or other ancillary material. In this case, a self-addressed, stamped enveloped should be enclosed if the project supporting materials are not to remain with the Project Grants Committee. However, E-mail submission of proposals and other information requested are preferred if the proposal does not require special formatting or images. E-mailed proposals should be sent to: 


Project Grants Contact: schaller@siggraph.org or SpecialProjects@siggraph.org

Nan Schaller, ACM/SIGGRAPH Project Grants Chair

Last updated: August, 2003