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ACM SIGGRAPH Project Grant's FAQ

1. What constitutes a project?

This is a difficult question. The real answer is we'll know one when we see one. Our best suggestion is to look over the projects that have been funded in the past.

Projects that have been funded tended to be of the following types:

  • Archival of SIGGRAPH work.
  • Projects that support the collaboration between SIGGRAPH and new graphics related areas.
  • Generation of white papers.
  • Outreach on a broad scale.
but we welcome submittal of any non-commercial project that is of benefit to the SIGGRAPH membership and to the computer graphics community, especially those that support SIGGRAPH's strategic plan.

Projects that have NOT been funded tend to fall in one other following categories:

  • The project proposal is incomplete.
  • The project represents a for profit venture by the proposer.
  • The project will affect a very narrow audience.
  • The proposal is for travel; travel is NOT a project. (Caveat - There have been exceptions to this, but generally these projects are dismissed out of hand.)
  • The proposal is to support an exhibition.
  • The project falls into another category, such as education, chapters, or campfires, where funding is also available.
2. What is the limit on the amount I can ask for?

Theoretically, there is no limit, but practically speaking proposals that exceed $10,000 must be approved by the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee. So, we have only have the ability to fund grants of up to $10,000 on our own. Also, the total annual budget we have to work with is generally in the $25,000 - $40,000 range, depending on the state of the economy.

3. What is the due date for proposals?

There is none; Proposals are accepted on a continual basis through out the year.

4. I received a Project Grant to do a prototype for a system in the past. Am I allowed to ask for a follow-up grant?

Yes, but we may not be able to fund you. In particular, if your activity requires ongoing funding, we would not be able to fund it. That kind of funding should come through the regular SIGGRAPH Executive Committee (EC) budget. You should instead contact the appropriate EC member to discuss the feasibility of SIGGRAPH supporting your needs on an ongoing basis.

5. The SIGGRAPH conference budget can no longer support my venue at the level that I had hoped for. Will Project Grants throw in the difference?

It really depends several things. Is this this a project that supports ACM SIGGRAPH's goals and mission? If so, perhaps. Is this a proprosal to buy equipment or for travel? If so, not likely. Does this project affect a broad community? If so, perhaps. Will this project have a lasting impact? If so, perhaps. If no, not likely.

6. I have an idea for an educational project. Is Project Grants the appropriate place to apply?

No. You should contact the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Director instead.

7. I have an idea for a project that benefits my local chapter. Is Project Grants the appropriate place to apply?

No. You should contact the ACM SIGGRAPH Local Chapters Director instead.

8. I would like to travel to the XYZ conference to report/present something of outstanding significance to the computer graphics community. Is Project Grants the appropriate place to apply for support?

No, it isn't. Travel is not a project.
Nan Schaller, ACM/SIGGRAPH Project Grants Chair
Last updated: August, 2003