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SIGGRAPH / SIGCOMM Collaboration Project

The SIGGRAPH / SIGCOMM Collaboration Project is a collaboration to bring network information to the SIGGRAPH community and to bring computer graphics information to the SIGCOMM (Special Interest Group on Communications) community. During 1997, tutorials were offered at both the SIGGRAPH 97 and SIGCOMM 97 annual conferences to facilitate this collaboration. These tutorials were entitled: "Internetworked 3D Computer Graphics - Beyond the Bottlenecks and Roadblocks".

In 1998, at SIGGRAPH 98, we also taught a course on "Internetworked 3D Graphics". At IEEE Visualization 98, a workshop on "Distributed Visualization Systems" addressed remotely accessing distributed data through visual interfaces, including Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), distributed Virtual Reality, and database issues. Here we reached beyond the ACM community to cooperate with the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Visualization and Graphics.

These efforts continued with an Internetworked 3D Graphics course at SIGGRAPH 99. See: (

The Web 3D Consortium (formerly the VRML Consortium) recently announced their X3D Standardization Initiative for Web and Broadcast Graphics, (


Don Brutzman, Bob Barton, Mike Macedonia and Theresa-Marie Rhyne were instructors in the SIGGRAPH 97 Course. The abstract for this course can be found at the SIGGRAPH 97 Web site . The Web version of the course notes can be found at: (

Don Brutzman, Mike Macedonia, Theresa-Marie Rhyne and Steve McCanne were instructors in the SIGCOMM 97 Tutorial. An abstract of the this tutorial can be found at the SIGCOMM 97 Web site. For Theresa-Marie Rhyne's Overview of 3D Graphics , many members from the SIGGRAPH community contributed their images and concepts. These contributions are warmly appreciated. Don Brutzman highlighted Internetworked Graphics: Capabilities, Shortfalls and Frontiers and Mike Macedonia reviewed Human-Computer Interaction Issues Across Local and Global Networks . Steve McCanne presented Protocol Support for Large-Scale Virtual Environments.

In 1997, we also published a discussion of our viewpoints on Internetworked 3D Graphics in the August 1997 issue of IEEE Computer magazine. See:
T-M. Rhyne, D. Brutzman and M. Macedonia, "Internetworked Graphics and the Web", (under Internet Watch: Ron Vetter, editor), Computer, IEEE Computer Society, Vol. 30, No. 8 (August 1997), pp. 99 - 101.

At SIGGRAPH 98, Bob Barton, Don Brutzman, Mike Macedonia and Theresa-Marie Rhyne, taught "Beyond Bottlenecks and Roadblocks: Internetworked 3D Computer Graphics" (Course #19). Our notes for this course can be found at: ( For the formal description of SIGGRAPH 98 Course #19, see the ACM SIGGRAPH 98 Web Site at: (

At IEEE Visualization 98, Michel Grave and Wilfrid Lefer organized the workshop on "Distributed Visualization Systems" that examined three main topics: Applications of Distributed Visualization, Environments & User Interfaces, and Technologies for Distributed Visualization. More information on this workshop can be found at: ( This effort reached beyond the ACM community to cooperate with the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Visualization and Graphics.

At SIGGRAPH 99, our course was entitled "Internetworked 3D Computer Graphics: Overcoming Bottlenecks and Supporting Collaboration". The notes from the course are available at: (

We are hopeful additional SIGGRAPH / SIGCOMM collaborations will continue in the future.




VRML 99 - A SIGGRAPH & SIGCOMM Co-Sponsored Conference