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ACM SIGGRAPH 2000-2001 Project Grant Awards

1. Computer Graphics in Southern Africa

Alan Chalmers, SIGGRAPH Vice Chair, $13,530, approved 12/29/00

Southern Africa is a developing region of the world emerging from many years of political turmoil. Despite the past problems, Southern Africa has a growing computer industry and some internationally renowned universities, including UNISA, the world's largest (in terms of student numbers) distance education institution. However, computer graphics and interactive techniqes currently (to observers outside the region) play little role in the region. This proposal funded five SIGGRAPH representatives on a high level delegation from ACM SIGGRAPH, Eurographics and ACM to visit the region with four identified goals:

  • To promote Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Southern Afri ca
  • To help establish AFRIGRAPH - the African Graphics Association
  • To learn about the state of computer graphics and Interactive techniques in Southern Africa
  • To help enable worldwide collaborations for universities and industry in the region.
2. Archive of 1986 SIGGRAPH Art Show Video Retrospective, Part 3

Paul Allen Newell, $194, approved May 2001

These additional funds were needed to complete the project (see 1999-2000) and will be used to purchase SIGGRAPH Video Reviews that may contain additional material, to compare, correct, and extend documentation, and possibly for better quality source materials.

Nan Schaller, ACM/SIGGRAPH Project Grants Chair
Last updated: November, 2002