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2018 Significant New Researcher Award: Gordon Wetzstein

Source: ACM SIGGRAPH Citation

ACM SIGGRAPH is pleased to present the Significant New Researcher Award to Gordon Wetzstein for his work in advanced display hardware and display-specific rendering techniques.

Gordon develops displays that address a variety of perceptual challenges, including auto-stereoscopy, the elimination of vergence-accommodation conflict, and elimination of the need for observers with vision defects to wear corrective lenses.  “Tensor Displays” in 2012 outlined a technology that combines stacks of time-multiplexed spatial light modulators with real-time light field tensor factorization algorithms. A computational light field display technology that predistorts the presented content for an observer, so that the target image is perceived without the need for eyewear was presented in 2014 in “Eyeglasses-free Displays”. These displays correct for myopia, hyperopia, or presbyopia. The Light Field Stereoscope, in 2015, presented a near-eye display technology that supports focus cues in virtual reality applications.

To utilize these display mechanisms, images are rendered with new algorithms that substantially increase image fidelity. The displays are not only designed, but also prototyped and tested.  Indeed, several have been demonstrated in the SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies exhibit.

Gordon is already author or coauthor of over 80 conference and journal publications in Transactions on Graphics and in journals and proceedings in the fields of computer graphics, optics, information display, computer vision, and computational photography.  These publications include contributions that support advanced display techniques, such as virtualreality camera rigs and cameras that capture both depth and velocity. 

Gordon completed his undergraduate in media system science, at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar in 2006, and his computer-science PhD in 2011 at the University of British Columbia under the direction Wolfgang Heidrich, where he received the Alain Fournier PhD Dissertation Award.  Upon graduation Gordon joined the Camera Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab as a Research Scientist.  Three years later he joined the faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, where he currently leads the Stanford Computational Imaging Lab.

In recognition of his achievements in the early phase of his career, we are pleased to present Gordon Wetzstein with the 2018 Significant New Researcher Award.

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