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Cyberworlds 2013

Mon Oct 21 - Thu Oct 24 2013
Conference about information, worlds and communities created in cyberspace
Yokohama, Japan

Cyberworlds are information worlds or communities created on cyberspace by collaborating participants either intentionally or spontaneously. As information worlds, they accumulate information regardless whether or not anyone is in, and they can be with or without 2D or 3D visual graphics appearance. The examples of such cyberworlds are communities created in different social networking services, 3D shared virtual environments, and multiplayer online games. Cyberworlds are closely related to the real world and have a serious impact on it, augment and sometimes replace the real life and become a significant component of real economy. The international conferences on Cyberworlds have being organized annually since 2002 with the proceedings published by IEEE Computer Society and special issues published in multiple journals, including The Visual Computer and Springer Transactions on Computational Science.

The topics covered by Cyberworlds 2013 will include but are not limited to:

-Networked and shared virtual worlds

-Virtual collaborative spaces Shape modeling for cyberworlds

-Virtual humans and avatars Multimodal interaction and rendering

-Computer vision for augmented and mixed reality

-Cognitive informatics

-Brain-computer interfaces

-Affective computing

-Social computing

-Online communities

-E-learning in cyberworlds

-Multi-user web games

-Art and heritage in cyberspace, cyber-museums

-Cyberethics and cyberlaws

-Cybersecurity Welfare in cyberworlds

-Data mining and warehousing in cyberworlds

-Visual analytics in cyberworlds