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DigiPro 2013

Digital Production Symposium
Anaheim, CA

Computer graphics research and technology have made immense progress in the last few decades. At the same time, industries have developed to incorporate these results into the production of breathtaking digital imagery.

The quality of today’s digital effects in live action movies, computer animated movies and video games has reached a new level of realism and expressiveness. This is the result not only of more powerful algorithms and computers, but of other crucial ingredients such as specialized pipelines, production workflows, interdisciplinary collaborations, and skilled artists working long hours.

Digital Production Symposium 2013 (DigiPro2013) promotes the sharing of ideas, insights and techniques for the production of top quality digital visual effects and animation. DigiPro brings together scientists, engineers, artists and producers in a tight-knit environment, working to close the gap between research results and industry needs.

Last year’s inaugural symposium was held on the DreamWorks Glendale campus. It featured Weta’s acclaimed VFX Supervisor Joe Letteri as the keynote speaker along with 10 paper presentations from production studios and research institutes around the world. DigiPro is co-located with Siggraph and sponsored by the ACM.

DigiPro2013 will take place on Saturday July 20th in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Anaheim. We encourage artists, scientists, engineers, and producers involved in digital production to attend and submit their work to this symposium!

For more information, contact digipro13@gmail.com