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IMA 2013

Wed Sep 11 - Sat Sep 14 2013
Institute of Mathematics Conference on the Mathematics of Surfaces
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Computer-based methods for the capture, construction, representation, fitting, interrogation and manipulation of complicated surfaces have led to a wide interest in, and need for, the mathematics of surfaces and related curves. Many applications require the use of surface descriptions, especially in such fields as computer aided design and manufacturing, computer graphics and computer vision.

The description of surfaces is also of interest in geographic information systems, multimedia, and many other areas of science and medicine. This diversity and the wide range of applicability of the subject have already enabled the IMA to hold thirteen very successful international conferences in the Mathematics of Surfaces series. The 14th such conference has now been scheduled to be held at the University of Birmingham, UK, between 11-13 September 2013. Several international authorities are being invited to present papers. Papers will be reviewed by an international programme committee

For more information, contact conferences@ima.org.uk