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Call for Participation: HIASCIT 2018 in New York, New York, USA

HIASCIT 2018: Horizons for Information Architecture, Security and Cloud Intelligent Technology

Cloud computing has opened new horizons in the group work, with the possibility of increasing the quality of the products and/or services, in very short timeframes and with lower costs. Besides, there is a reduction of the costs for the maintenance of servers and/or the updating of the versions of the operative services, special applications, etc., with which the local and international users work daily inside a private, public or mixed institution. The safety and privacy of the data which are in the cloud constitutes a key element in the reliability of the interchange of original ideas for the development of avant-garde projects.

Call for Participation: ADNTIIC 2018 in Cordoba, Argentina

ADNTIIC 2018: 9th International Conference on Advances in New Technologies, Interactive Interfaces and Communicability

The user interface is the environment par excellence where the latest breakthroughs in the formal and factual sciences converge. In the design of the current and future interactive systems, the presentation of the content on the screen is the key to the success of the rest of the components which make up an avant-garde computer science structure.

Visit web site at http://www.ainci.com/ADNTIIC-2018/conference_ADNTIIC_2018.html

Call for Participation: ESIHISE 2018 in Athens, Greece

3rd International Conference on Evolution of the Sciences, Informatics, Human Integration and Scientific Education ( ESIHISE 2018 )

The modernization of the sciences and education is and will be one of the cornerstones for all the inhabitants of our planet. Those who from the 1980 have been behind this issue have been direct and indirect witnesses of great breakthroughs and some recoils. These ups and downs are due to exogenous or endogenous factors, to the daily reality of the formal and factual sciences. Many of those factors are beyond the control of all those scientists and professors, who, in a modest and honest way, collaborate in the development of the quality of life of all humankind.

Congratulations to the New Class of ACM Fellows!

2017 ACM Fellows Michael Kass, Ravi Ramamoorthi, and Steve Seitz

Three ACM SIGGRAPH members were recently named to the 2017 class of ACM Fellows and will be honored at the annual awards banquet June 23 in San Francisco. ACM fellows represent less than one percent of the organization’s overall membership of talented and inventive researchers and academicians in the wide-ranging computer science field. To be elected an ACM fellow is a testament to that individual’s hard work and pioneering contributions in computing.

Call for Participation: MCAP: Massive Collaborative Animation Projects

Massive Collaborative Animation Projects (MCAP)

The Massive Collaborative Animation Projects are animation productions consisting of students and faculty members from various schools, worldwide, working together to deliver a short animation. MCAP consist of multiple production phases allowing students from different areas of study to contribute their talents.

Call for Participation: CCGIDIS 2018 in Madrid, Spain

8th International Symposium on Communicability, Computer Graphics and Innovative Design for Interactive Systems ( CCGIDIS 2018 ) 
Madrid, Spain
May 21 - 23, 2018 


CCGIDIS 2017 will be composed of research presentations, keynote lectures, invited presentations, workshops, doctoral consortium, demo session, research-works-in-progress and poster presentations.