From its early development as an obscure topic of research, to its widely accepted role as an important communication tool, Computer Graphics has a rich history of human accomplishment. This movie attempts to document some of the most compelling stories behind the striking graphics and technology that we take for granted in today's imagery. This is the "human" story of the pioneers that are revolutionizing visual communication, through a community with its own unique culture.
Premiered 8 August 1999 at SIGGRAPH 99, Los Angeles.
LA Daily News (8/5/99):
"...(one) segment alone could serve as a five minute graphics primer for every school in the country...many of the graphics are just eye-popping when on the big screen."
The Stars:
"Lots of computers and nearly 50 graphics pioneers who have coaxed magic from the machine."
The Hollywood Reporter (8/4/99):
"The high definition footage creates a notably intimate environment, and the opening and closing computer animation sequences provide a fitting package for a story that potentially will never end."
See Movie Update for other comments.

How to Purchase "The Story of Computer Graphics"

SIGGRAPH Video Review, Issue 137, "The Story of Computer Graphics," is now available in NTSC VHS format for $US 60.00 each and PAL VHS format for $US 75.00 each, plus shipping and handling. Member Value Program discounted prices are available to purchasers who join ACM SIGGRAPH or renew their memberships: $US 45.00 each (NTSC VHS) or $US 56.00 each (PAL VHS).

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Scheduled Screenings

June 12, 2000 Research Triangle ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Philips Design, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
MIT Media Laboratory
2 May 2000, 8 pm

Lovebytes Festival, Sheffield, United Kingdom
6-8 April 2000

Society for Informaton Display
30 March 2000

ACM SIGGRAPH Los Angeles Chapter
22 March 2000

16 March 2000

Santa Barbara International Film Festival
11 March 2000

New York City ACM SIGGRAPH and the New York Hall of Science Present the New York Premiere of The Story of Computer Graphics
26-28 November 1999

Toronto Digital Image Festival 5
28 October 1999

Flanders International Film Festival
5-16 October 1999

The HDTV Strategy

Images: Ivan Sutherland and Dave Evans with an early frame buffer, Courtesy of Evans and Sutherland; Lost Ground, 1992 Deanna Morse; Mandrill; Grass Series..V, 1982 Colette and Charles Bangert; Toy Story, Image courtesy of Pixar Disney; SIGGRAPH 97 Electronic Theater Open, 1997 Sony Pictures Imageworks.