From the early micro film recorders to the print media, theatrical films, HiDef video and Imax projects of today, resolution has always been an issue for computer visualization. The SIGGRAPH ET has supported 35mm motion picture projection for more than 15 years and High Definition has been in and out of the program many times.

For the following two reasons we are recommending that we master this project in HD. HD seems like the only candidate, in order for the project to maintain a high standard of quality as well as a lasting archive of the classic animation presented. From the HD master, SIGGRAPH will have the maximum flexibility for release formats, including: 35mm, NTSC, DVD, and both interlaced and progressive HD.

Over the next few years, digital television will be introduced all over the world, many of these new channels will be High Definition format. There will be a big market for native HD content and this project is a natural for this medium.

Today almost all the studios create a cut 35mm negative of their TV shows, which is immediately archived in HD. They do this not only to preserve the content for the future, but also to make sure that its ready for the new digital broadcast channels. Film would also be archival, but a 35mm production would be much more expensive.