Creator: Walt Bransford
Executive Producer (Content): Carl Machover
Executive Producer (for SIGGRAPH Studios): John Hart
Producer: Steve Silas
Co-Producer: Joan Collins Carey
Director: Frank Foster
Writer: Judson Rosebush

CARL MACHOVER, Executive Producer (Content)

Carl Machover is the executive producer for content, and chairs the documentary's content committee.

Carl Machover, president of Machover Associates Corporation, a computer graphics consulting firm, is also an Adjunct Professor at RPI, president of ASCI, past-president of NCGA, SID, and Computer Graphics Pioneers, on the editorial boards of many industry publications, and writes and lectures world-wide on all aspects of computer graphics. He is History Chair for SIGGRAPH 98.


In April 1997, the content committee met with the movie production team and generated 40 pages of content. This content was used as a resource during script development. The content committee also checks the final script for any errors or omissions.

Gwen Bell
Nelson Max
Chase Chasen
Dick Phillips
Alain Chesnais
Patric Prince
Nick England
Alvy Ray Smith
Mike Wozny

JOHN HART, Executive Producer (for SIGGRAPH Studios)

John Hart is the executive producer for SIGGRAPH Studios. He reports on progress to the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee, represents SIGGRAPH's interests in the production, and oversees the management of the production as a SIGGRAPH project.

John Hart serves on the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee as Director for Communications, and his responsibilities include SIGGRAPH's public image.


Steven Silas is an ACE-nominated television producer and director that has been in the Hollywood creative community since the early 70's. Silas started his production company, 213TV, in 1985. Since then he has produced a wide variety of programming for broadcast, cable, and home video. Silas was a pioneer in the area of video publishing. In 1989 he founded FRESH Electronic Publishing, Inc. and created FRESH Video Portfolio. This was a video directory of computer graphic animation companies that was distributed to a highly qualified controlled circulation of broadcast CGI buyers. It became the "standard industry reference" over it's five year run. Silas went on to lead the development of two sitcoms for TV star Dixie Carter and secured a six-episode commitment at CBS. Most recently Silas has completed projects for 20th Century Fox, Universal Television, and Hallmark Entertainment.


Joan Collins Carey's visual effects production credits include "The Ghost and the Darkness," "Starship Troopers," "Judge Dredd," "FreeJack," "Fern Gulley," "Hot Shots," "Hellraisers," "Nightmare on Elm Street," and the seven-part PBS TV Series "The Astronomers." She also created CG for the last SIGGRAPH movie project: the OmniMax film "The Magic Egg."

She is a long-time active member of SIGGRAPH. She Co-Chaired the 1995 Electronic Theater and the Computer Animation Festival. She was Chair of the International SIGGRAPH 1987 Film and Video Show in Anaheim, and was the Audio/Visual Chair for SIGGRAPH 1989 in Boston. Joan has served on the Los Angeles Chapter's executive board since 1981, and Chaired the group for five years. She is currently the Chair Emeritus.


Mr. Foster was recruited by TriStar Pictures in 1991 as one of the first employees of the group that later became Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI). He has provided consistent leadership in the expanding role of the PC and Windows NT based multimedia production. His SPI production credits include: "Striking Distance," "My Life," "Jumanji," "Speed," "Wings of Courage," "Johnny Mnemonic," "The Craft," and "Contact." His multimedia production group is also a technology leader in the creation of Internet based content. Recent projects include online versions of the well-known game show "Jeopardy!" and a 3D VRML game based on the new movie "Starship Troopers."

His SIGGRAPH experience includes '87 Electronic Theatre chair, '95 Electronic Theatre chair, as well as motion picture openings for the ET in both 95 and 97.


Judson Rosebush is a director and producer of multimedia products and computer animation, an author, artist, and media theorist. He graduated from the College of Wooster in 1969 and received a Ph.D. from Syracuse University. He has worked in radio and television broadcasting, sound and video production, print, and hypermedia. He completed his first computer animations in 1970 and founded Digital Effects Inc. in New York (1978-1985), the company which introduced computer animation to the commercial marketplace. Television credits include directing over 1000 commercials and logos for major advertising agencies and networks worldwide, and feature films credits include Walt Disney's "TRON."

Rosebush is the American editor of Pixel Vision magazine, author of the serialized Pixel Handbook, and a columnist for CD-ROM Professional. His most cited writings include "The Proceduralist Manifesto," a statement on computer art published in Leonardo, and he is also known for his extensive writings on computer graphics and new media. More popular credits include articles in The Village Voice and Rolling Stone Magazine.

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