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14 to 15
EG VCBM 2015

5th Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine

Chester, United Kingdom

15 to 19
THU 2015

Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn

Troia, Portugal

22 to 24

Sixth International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Ravenna, Italy

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Dynamic adaptive mesh streaming for real-time 3D teleimmersion

This paper from Web3D '15 presents a new, adaptive compression methodology that allows a tele-immersion system to modify the quality and speed of a full body reconstruction pipeline based on the data carrying capability of the network.

BiggerPicture: data-driven image extrapolation using graph matching

This paper from SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 proposes a system that determines visually consistent content for extrapolated regions using library images.

Factored axis-aligned filtering for rendering multiple distribution effects

This paper from SIGGRAPH 2014 proposes a method to render scenes with complex geometry and diffuse and glossy BRDFs in a few seconds.

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