Dividing Cubes

This is similar to the Marching Cubes algorithm except that when a voxel is determined to be intersected by the isosurface, it is projected to the image plane. If it projects to a single pixel or smaller, than it is just rendered as a point, else it is subdivided into surfaces as with the Marching Cubes algorithm.

Basic Idea:

Subdivide Cells as Necessary

Dividing Cubes Algorithm

  1. User Specifies Threshold Value
  2. Read Four Slices Into Memory
  3. Compute Gradients
  4. Divide Cells Into AxBxC Cubes. Resample
  5. Test for Surface Intersections
  6. Interpolate Gradient Vectors Where Needed
  7. Shade Cube
  8. Rotate/Project Each Cube & Paint Pixel

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