Definitions, History, and Goals of Visualization



Visualization is an old term which has received a large amount of interest in the computer science community. Visualization has previously been defined as the "formation of visual images; the act or process of interpreting in visual terms or of putting into visual form". More recently a new definition has been added: "A tool or method for interpreting image data fed into a computer and for generating images from complex multi-dimensional data sets" [MCCO87].

Computational science has become much more important in the sciences, joining the traditional theoretical and laboratory science areas as a new supporting methodology. It is also becoming of greater interest to computer scientists, as shown by the fact that the Association for Computing Machinery(ACM) has taken the official position that computer scientists should become involved in computational science [DENN91]. Visualization will be the primary way to interpret the vast amount of data generated by computational science techniques.

Definition and Rationale


Principles and Components

Concepts and Skills Needed for Visualization

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