IRIS Explorer Overview and Module Description


Iris Explorer is a data-flow, object-oriented system for Data Visualization. It allows the user to connect pre-built modules together using a "drag - and drop" approach. The modules are X Windows programs developed in C or FORTRAN. Iris Explorer has three main components:

A Map is a dataflow network of modules connected or "wired" together. The user wires together the modules by connecting the appropriate ports, e.g. the output port of one module to the input port of the next module. Note that the data formats must be compatible. Each module accepts data, processes it, and then outputs it to the next module. A map can be created and then stored for future use. It can also be made part of another map.

Data Types

There are several different data types in IRIS Explorer.

IRIS Explorer Modules

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IRIS Explorer User's Guide (in pdf with no images - 352K)

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