Framework of a Visualization System

Reference Chapter 2, [Brod92]



Outside of computer graphics, two standard defintions of visualization are as follows:

Within computer graphics the term scientific visualization is defined more specifically, e.g., as follows:

To produce a framework for visualization systems, the definition and scope must be described. Then the framework is developed in terms of a sequence of models.


To fully describe the process of scientific visualization as being one that provides insight, the complete cycle of acessing, processing, and display of data needs to be addressed.

High Level Models

Creative Thinking

There are four stages in creative thinking: Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, and Verification. Data Visualization systems assist in Preparation (using a Data Visualization system for data "brain storming") and Verification (using a Data Visualization system to verify a tentative hypothesis about the data).

Scientific Investigation

The following model of scientific investigation has been proposed:

The investigator uses insight to formulate a hypothesis, collect data, build a model, compute a simulation, view and interpret the data, and iterate.

Model of Visualization

Other Considerations

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