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DirectShow (ActiveMovie)

DirectShow (formerly known as ActiveMovie) is the successor to Microsoft's Video for Windows architecture. It is built on top of the DirectX architecture (including DirectDraw, DirectSound, and Direct3D), for optimum access to audio and video hardware on Windows-based computers. Supported plaback media includes WWW, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and DVD-Video (with hardware). DV Camera support will be added in an upcoming release.

DirectShow has its own player (the Microsoft Media Player, implemented as an ActiveX control) which may be used independantly or within Internet Explorer. There is also a plug-in for use with Netscape Navigator. And playback may also be provided by other applications using the OCX component. As DirectShow is the playback architecture for NetShow, these playback options support either delivery approach.

Media Types Supported

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Closed Captioning (SAMI)
  • MIDI
  • MPEG
  • animation (2D or 3D)
The latest free downloads, as well as more information, are available at Microsoft's DirectX site. (You'll need to do a bit of digging, and remember that DirectShow used to be called ActiveMovie.)

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