What happens if part of an image is off the screen ? For example, if a house had dimensions of -10 <= X <= 10 and -10 <= Y <= +10. Then if we do
Set_window2( Xw min = 0, Xwmax = 60, Ywmin = -15, Ywmax = 15 )
This can cause problems such as "wrap around". This is hardware dependent.

Even if not off screen the image may intrude into another viewport:.
So we want to display only the part of the image that is inside window, i.e., clip the image.

We can clip either against the window or against the iewport. In general people clip against the window, because then the clipped portions of the image don't have to go through the viewing transformation.

We will discuss the 2D clipping of a point, line, and solid polygon and then clipping in three dimensions.

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