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thf2rad - convert GDS things file to RADIANCE description


thf2rad [ -n name ][ -r rad ] [ input .. ]


Thf2rad converts one or more GDS things files to a RADIANCE scene description. The material names for the surfaces will be those assigned in GDS. The -n option may be used to give a name prefix to all the surfaces. The -r option may be used to specify a radius for line segments. By default, this value is zero, which means that lines will be ignored. By setting it to some positive value, cylinders of the given radius will represent lines.


To translate two things files into one RADIANCE file with the prefix "gds":

thf2rad -n gds building1.thf building2.thf > building1+2.rad

To create an octree directly from a things file, giving lines a radius of .1:

oconv source.rad materials.rad `\!thf2rad -r .1 building1.thf' > building1.oct


Greg Ward and Charles Ehrlich


arch2rad(1), ies2rad(1), oconv(1), xform(1)

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