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ra_bn - convert RADIANCE picture to/from Barneyscan image


ra_bn [ -g gamma ][ -e +/-stops ] { input|- } [ output ] ra_bn -r [ -g gamma ][ -e +/-stops ] input [ output ]


Ra_bn converts between RADIANCE and Barneyscan native RGB image files. Since Barneyscan images are stored in three files, one for each color component, only the root file name is given and the program appends the suffixes "red", "grn" and "blu". The -g option specifies the exponent used in gamma correction; the default value is 2.0. An exponent of 1.0 turns gamma correction off. The -e option specifies an exposure compensation in f-stops (powers of two). Only integer stops are allowed, for efficiency. The -r option invokes a reverse conversion, from a Barneyscan image to a RADIANCE picture.


Greg Ward


pfilt(1), ra_ppm(1), ra_pr(1), ra_pr24(1), ra_t8(1), ra_t16(1), ra_tiff(1), ximage(1)

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