Camera Suggestions: Architectural Walkthrough

An excellent way to practice camera movement is by creating an architectural walkthrough.  This involves creating an architectural model of a building, usually one that is not yet been built, and walking through and around it. What you want to do in this is to show of the outside of the building and then move into the building and look at the inside. There are several things to keep in mind while you are doing this:

Establishing Shot

This establishing shot shows the general area where the action will be taking place.   For an architectural walkthrough the establishing shot shows the exterior of the building.  This shot serves many purposes such as:

Following this shot, the camera might completely or partially circle the building so the viewer can get a fuller understanding of the complete exterior.

Transition from Exterior to Interior Views

Next, the viewer will be led into the building interior. This transition from exterior to interior should be done in a logical fashion. For example, it doesn't work to just be outside and then inside. A good way to handle this is to move to the building entrance, which creates an expectation of entering the building, and then have a transition such that the viewer is inside the building.

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