Monday, August 9, 1999
SIGGRAPH 99 Main Page
ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee Main Page
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mon004.jpg (41865 bytes) The Entrance to SIGGRAPH 99 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC)
mon005.jpg (65944 bytes) Inside the LACC
mon022.jpg (60769 bytes) The SIGGRAPH Organization, Professional Chapters, and Education Committee Booths
mon001.jpg (47766 bytes) SIGGRAPH attendees watching the SPACE animations
mon016.jpg (38953 bytes) Colleen Case, Education Committee Booth manager, on the job
mon021.jpg (51097 bytes) A lazier group of attendees watching the SPACE animations
mon000.jpg (54924 bytes) James Mohler and Valerie Miller in the Education Committee Booth
mon020.jpg (51455 bytes) The Education Committee Meeting on Saturday
mon003.jpg (54062 bytes) Scott Lang (Director for Professional Chapters) and Scott Owen working on their Web sites
mon023.jpg (59926 bytes) The SIGGRAPH 2000 Information Booth
mon025.jpg (72766 bytes) The International Center
mon006.jpg (39718 bytes) The Art Gallery
mon024.jpg (75051 bytes) The Book store
mon026.jpg (53889 bytes) Mike McGrath and Colleen case discussing the Booth
mon029.jpg (68188 bytes) A helpful student volunteer