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Content, Content, Content

26 Feb 2013

Are you taking advantage of all the content provided to ACM SIGGRAPH members? One of the most valuable member benefits you have is access to a plethora of great content, such as:

YouTube: SIGGRAPH Asia featured speaker Karlheinz Brandenburg.

Digital Library: All ACM SIGGRAPH members have access to the SIGGRAPH portion of the content in the ACM Digital Library (including the proceedings of the SIGGRAPH annual conferences). All SIGGRAPH material is available in PDF form.

Encore: ACM SIGGRAPH members enjoy free access to Encore video presentations. These conference presentations can be downloaded or streamed from the Digital Library. You can also get the latest SVR from SIGGRAPH Asia on a USB stick from Encore. In addition, an HTML5 user-interface was created to watch the animations without a media player (works in latest version of IE9, Safari, Chrome; does not work in FireFox). MP4 videos can be transferred and played back in a media player such as iTunes. Check out this great content here.

There is a wealth of information just waiting for you to access through your membership!