Message from the Chair

SIGGRAPH 96 was our 23rd annual international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques. It attracted over 28,500 explorers to New Orleans for a week of education, exchange, and excellence. It is difficult to capture the conference essence in one thought. I have tried, but how do you describe an:

"Image-based, Interface, Mozart, Golden-Art, Natural Phenomena, Graphics PCs, Toy Story, FlyThru, Homer3, Neandertal, Naked Empire, Chicken Crossing, Haptic, Multi-player, International, Startup Park, on ATM, ACM, IBM, 10BaseT switched Ethernet, Registration, Application, Exhibition, New Tradition, Special Session, Boat Reception, Imagination, Visualization, Hardware, Software, Childcare, Media-blitz, Press-kits, Air Tube, Tiled, Tiered, Terabyte, Website, Onsite, Outtasite, Immersive, Diversive, Emissive, Emotive, Expensive, Explosive, Wavelet, Roulette, Polygon Silhouette, Classic Design, Bezier Spline, Get-Involved, Get-Installed, Real Creole, Ragin' Cajun, Celebration, Excellence, Past, Present, Future, Could Use More Sleep, Douglas Adams and The-Restaurant-at-the-End-of-Hall-F, Merchandise, Paradise, Earrings, Frosty-Mugs, One-Stop Shopping, Once-In-A-Lifetime Inspirational Experience, Gee-whiz, Cheese-whiz, Do You Want Fries with That? Computer Graphics Extravaganza on the Face of the Planet."

It boggles the mind. I usually settle for: SIGGRAPH 96 - it was way cool, trust us.

Farewell to New Orleans - laissez les graphiques rouler! Prepare for the next SIGGRAPH frontier - Los Angeles in 1997!

John M. Fujii
SIGGRAPH 96 Conference Chair

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