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SIGGRAPH 96, World's Largest Computer Graphics Conference and Exhibition Set for 4-9 August in New Orleans

SIGGRAPH 96, the 23rd Annual International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, will be held in New Orleans at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, 4-9 August 1996. More than 25,000 creative, technical, and business professionals from around the world will explore state-of-the-art technology through a comprehensive technical program, three-day exhibition, and special programs focusing on art, animation, applications, and interactivity.

The largest computer graphics conference and exhibition in the world, SIGGRAPH 96 continues to break new ground. SIGGRAPH not only demonstrates the leading edge, but uses those leading edge tools to create the conference and increase participation each year.

"SIGGRAPH surrounds you with the future of computer graphics today," said Conference Chair John Fujii. "For example, 3D graphics for the Web are commonplace at this year's conference, even though these technologies are just now emerging from the research labs."

This year's program includes a number of applications which have already crossed into mainstream business use. Examples of each area are found throughout the many SIGGRAPH 96 venues:

Time Reconstruction/Time Travel: Computer reconstructions allow interactive examination of past time/history such as architectural sites, vehicle accidents, and long extinct species.

Performance Art/Music: Interactive music, synthetic dancers, and animation tell a richer musical story.

Medical Applications: Computer graphics are not only aiding the discovery of new cures, they are becoming an integral part of the actual curing process.

Entertainment/Computer Game Technology: The next frontier of computer games will be distributed, Internet-linked scenarios.

Computer Animation: Behind-the-scenes secrets of movies such as "Toy Story" are revealed.

Internet: The Internet surge continues to touch all aspects and disciplines of computer graphics, including art, entertainment, and education.

Education: Computer graphics technology is being strategically applied to educational situations, sometimes enabled by new paradigms such as Internet-based, distributed interaction.

The SIGGRAPH 96 Exhibition, always a benchmark for the diversity and exponential growth of computer graphics, will showcase over 250 exhibitors in more than 140,000 net square feet. In 1995, SIGGRAPH was identified as one of the top five fastest-growing exhibitions in the United States, according to Tradeshow Week.

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