SIGGRAPH 96, the 23rd annual international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, was held in New Orleans at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, 4-9 August 1996. More than 28,500 people explored state-of-the-art technology through a comprehensive technical program, three-day exhibition, and special venues focusing on art, animation, applications, and interactivity.

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New In 1996
Several new and improved programs joined the traditional SIGGRAPH offerings of Papers, Panels, Courses, Exhibits, Keynote Address, and the Computer Animation Festival.

* The Applications program demonstrated theory-into-practice, showing how computer graphics research from previous years has successfully migrated into the everyday working world.

* The Bridge: a collaborative exhibition between the SIGGRAPH 96 Art Show at the convention center and the nearby Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans.

* The interactive program, Digital Bayou, brought together an international assemblage of state-of-the-art research and applications in interactive computer graphics and interface techniques -- with truly interactive, real-time experiences.

* Behind the Scenes featured the SIGGRAPH 96 Computer Animation Festival Committee reviewing, explaining, and answering questions about how material was chosen for the Festival Screening Rooms and Electronic Theater.

* Animator Sketches: an open forum for vital interchange about creative and production problems, novel techniques, and out-takes and bloopers. Animator Sketches joined Technical Sketches and Posters and Artist/Designer Sketches as the place for works in progress and emerging ideas.

In addition to these new offerings, SIGGRAPH 96 provided computer graphics professionals with the latest educational developments.

SIGGRAPH 96 featured 13 Papers sessions, including: Image-based Modeling and Rendering, Storytelling, Illustration, Virtual Reality, and Natural Phenomena.

Seventeen Panels were chosen, including: Graphics PCs Will Put Workstations Graphics in the Smithsonian, Digital Stunt Doubles: Safety Through Numbers, VRML: Prelude and Future, The Future of Virtual Reality, Head-Mounted Displays Versus Spatially Immersive Displays, Imaging Features in Advanced Computer Graphics Architectures, and Building Compelling VRML Worlds.

SIGGRAPH 96 featured 39 Courses, including: The Making of "Toy Story", Introduction to VRML, Introduction to Virtual Reality, How to Survive as a Computer Graphics Entrepreneur, Life-Like, Believable Communication Agents, and So Real I Can Almost Touch It: The Use of Touch as an I/O Device for Graphics and Visualization.

A Special Session, organized by Carl Machover, looked back on the past 40 years of computer graphics, and ahead to the next decade. Featured panelists included Frederick P. Brooks Jr., professor, University of North Carolina Department of Computer Science; Edwin E. Catmull, founder, Pixar; Sylvan Chasen; Robert M. Dunn, president, Enterprise Solutions International; Bertram Herzog, professor, University of Michigan; and Andries van Dam, professor, Brown University.

The SIGGRAPH 96 Exhibition featured 321 exhibitors in a record-breaking 157,800 net square feet. This makes SIGGRAPH 96 the largest computer graphics exhibition in the United States. In 1995, SIGGRAPH was identified as one of the top five fastest-growing exhibitions in the United States, according to Tradeshow Week.

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