Exhibition Fact Sheet

Three hundred twenty-one organizations exhibited in a record-breaking 157,800 net square feet. Many new products were announced and shown for the first time at SIGGRAPH 96. The exhibit floor was more than representative of the computer graphics market. It was where the state of the computer graphics market was redefined for 1996.

The SIGGRAPH 96 exhibit floor also featured a new innovation: Startup Park. This area was designed to showcase new technologies from small companies hoping to be tomorrow's industry leaders. It offered emerging suppliers of the latest products and services an easy entry into the ever-expanding computer graphics marketplace.

"Our vision for the exhibition is that an attendee can attend a course or a panel and then be able to see the commercial continuation of that same subject on the exhibit floor," said Tom Appolloni, SIGGRAPH 96 Exhibits Chair.

The exhibition showcased an array of products and services:

Artificial Intelligence
Business and Financial Graphics
Cameras and Scanners;
Scan Converters
Computer-Video Interfacing
Desktop Publishing
Electronic Publishing
Image Processing
Input Devices:
Digitizers, Light Pens, Mice
Low-Cost Graphics Systems
Mapping and Cartography
Medical Imaging Software
Hardware, Software, Services
OEM Components
Paint Systems
PC Add-On Products
Geographic Information Systems
Graphic Art Systems
Graphic Design Systems
Graphics Accelerator Boards
Graphics Standards Software
Hardcopy Devices: Photographs/Slides
High-Performance Graphics Processors
High-Resolution Graphic Display Systems
PC-Based Systems
PDAs (Personal Digital Applications)
Printers and Plotters
Rendering and Image Synthesis Software
Scientific Visualization
Storage Devices: Tape/Disk
Terminals, Monitors, and Displays
Video Technology
Virtual Reality

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