3Dlabs, Inc.

Booth 1750

181 Metro Drive, Suite 520
San Jose, California 95110 USA
+1.408.436.3458 fax

Catherine Crawford
Marketing and Sales Coordinator

3Dlabs is leading the revolution in high-performance 3D graphics on the PC, selling silicon, software, and technology for 3D acceleration. The new GLINT 500TX provides workstation-class 2D and 3D graphics on a single PCI chip, accelerating Gouraud shading, depth buffering, anti-aliasing, and texture mapping to 500,000 polygons/second. The GLINT Delta accelerates the 3D geometry pipeline to one million polygons per second on a standard PC. The new PERMEDIA provides high-performance 2D, video, and 500,000 texture-mapped 3D polygons per second in a single low-cost chip. 3Dlabs supplies reference designs and optimized drivers for OpenGL, Direct3D, Heidi, and QuickDraw 3D, enabling OEMs to rapidly integrate 3D into their products.

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