Onyx Computing, Inc.

Booth 1532

10 Avon Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 USA
+1.617.868.8033 fax

Pjer Zanchi
General Manager

Trees are alive! Trees finally come to life with the new breakthrough product: TREE EIAS STORM. Make trees shimmer on the breeze and bend under stormy winds. Onyx Computing is also exhibiting the new 4.0 version of TREE PROFESSIONAL. Major new features include new parametric algorithms for realistic trunk shapes and bonsai curving, new leaf structures for application of real leaves, chain saw pruning, etc. Bundled with TREE PROFESSIONAL, TREE PAINTER and TREE EIAS are the libraries of over 200 already-modeled, biologically accurate, broadleaf and conifer trees, palms and bushes, and fantastic trees, all ready to be exported or modified.

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