Miller Freeman Inc.

Booth 311

600 Harrison Street
San Francisco, California 94107
+1.415.905.2727 fax

Daniella Seghieri
Marketing Events Assistant

Miller Freeman, Inc. is the world's largest publisher of technical magazines. Its properties include: AutoCad Tech Journal,3D Design, C/C++ Users Journal, Cadence, Circuits Assembly, Communication Systems Design, DBMS, Database Programming & Design, Dr. Dobbs Journal, Embedded Systems Programming, Game Developer, InterActivity, Interoperability, Keyboard, LAN Magazine, Mathematica Journal, Microsoft Systems Journal, Network Var, OS/2 Magazine, Printed Circuits Design, Printed Circuits Fabrication, Software Development, Sys Admin, UNIX Review, Virtual Reality Special Report, Windows Developers Journal, and Web Techniques.All focus on the latest technologies and practical applications. Visit our booth for discounted subscriptions and complimentary issues.

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