Template Graphics Software, Inc.

Booth 1029

9920 Pacific Heights Boulevard, Suite 200
San Diego, California 92121 USA
+1.619-452-2547 fax

Robert Weideman
Vice President, Marketing

Template Graphics Software is the premier vendor of 3D graphics tools for developers and end users in visualization, simulation, CAD/CAM, digital design, and VRML markets. TGS is the largest vendor of SGI Open Inventor for non-SGI UNIX systems and Microsoft Win32 platforms, providing Microsoft with VRML tools on Visual C++. The 3Space desktop 3D product family includes the new 3Space Publisher, an end-user application for creating 3D VRML, animated raster, video, Java and active VRML titles. TGS is also showing GPHIGS/OPGS, the latest release of ANSI/ISO PHIGS+.

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