Addison-Wesley Publishing Company

Booth 1605

One Jacob Way
Reading, Massachusetts 01867 USA
+1.617.944.9039 fax

Bob Donegan
Senior Marketing Manager

Please stop by our booth to see such new titles as: 3D With HOOPS, by Wm Leler and Jim Merry; Distributed Multimedia, by Palmer Agnew and Anne Kellerman; Bringing Design to Software, by Terry Winograd; Digital Illusion: Entertaining the Future with Interactive Technology, by Clark Dodsworth; Interactive Computer Graphics with OpenGL, by Ed Angel; The VRML 2.0 Handbook, by SGI; OpenGL Programming for the X Window System, by Mark J. Kilgard; 3D Graphics File Formats, by Keith Rule; Graphics Programming with Direct3D, by Rob Glidden; and OpenGL Programming for Windows 95 and Windows NT, by Ron Fosner.

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