Technical Sketches


Simulated Photographic Development of Synthetic Images

The Virtual Darkroom, a system that simulates the photographic processing of black and white prints on computer-generated images.

Joe Geigel
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 USA

Random Caustics: Natural Textures and Wave Theory Revisited

A novel approach to modeling caustics using a wave description of the propagation of light.

Jos Stam
Rocquencourt BP 105
78153 Le Chesnay Cedex, FRANCE

Fast Soft Shadows

A new algorithm that employs texture mapping and accumulation buffer hardware to produce shadows resulting from area light sources, in near real time.

Michael Herf
Paul S. Heckbert
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania15213 USA

Image-based Modeling

Hi-Lo Stereo Fusion

A technique for creating and storing stereo displays with minimal increase in the computational resources required for single-image displays.

Dennis R. Proffitt
Department of Psychology
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 USA

Mary Kaiser
NASA Ames Research Center

Constructing 3D Object Models from Photographs

A method for automatically creating spline surface models from a small set of calibrated photographs.

Steve Sullivan
Jean Ponce
Beckman Institute
University of Illinois

Vision-Based Modeling for Production-Quality Integration of Photographic Imagery and 3D Graphics

Work in progress toward achieving automatic vision-based modeling that will live up to the demands of professional film production.

Ali Azarbayejani
Alex Pentland
MIT Media Laboratory
20 Ames Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA

Chris Perry
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Automatic Video Tracking by Probabilistic Propagation

A new algorithm that shows greatly improved tracking performance in clutter.

Michael Isard
Andrew Blake
Robotics Research Group
University of Oxford, Parks Rd
Oxford OX13PJ,

Level of Detail

Multi-Scale Viewing

A multi-scale viewing tool that creates understandable distortion patterns while including or extending the functionality of other detail in context-viewing tools.

M. Sheelagh
T. Carpendale
David J. Cowperthwaite
F. David Fracchia
School of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 1S6

Effective Removal of Detail for a Multi-Resolution Viewer

A method for removing detail from a wavelet description, which is important for interactive viewing of multi-resolution models.

Kari Pulli
University of Washington

Tony DeRose

Finding the Target for Level of Detail Management

This evaluation shows that high frame-rate means are important, while standard deviation is only important at low means.

Benjamin Watson
Neff Walker
Bill Ribarsky
Victoria Spaulding
Aileen Worden
Graphics, Visualization & Usability Center
Georgia Institute of Technology



An effective 3D data transmission system for remote collaborative CAD/CAM applications.

Mikio Nagasawa
Daisuke Nishioka
Masato Tsukakoshi
Fumio Noda
Central Research Laboratory
Hitachi Ltd.
1-280 Higashi-Koigakubo
Kokubunji, Tokyo 185 JAPAN

PAVE: A Distributed Visualization Application to Support Environmental Decision Making

A flexible and distributed application to visualize multivariate gridded environmental datasets.

Steve Thorpe
North Carolina Supercomputing Center
3021 Cornwallis Road
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27708 USA

Cogito: A System for Computer-Aided Visualization

A system that allows users to effectively find personally meaningful visualizations.

D.H. Hepting
F.D. Fracchia
J.C. Dill
R.D. Russell
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia

Interacting with Virtual Gorillas: Investigating the Educational Use of Virtual Reality

A virtual gorilla environment for students in grades K-12.

Don Allison
Brian Wills
Larry F. Hodges
Jean Wineman
Graphics, Visualization & Usability Center
Georgia Institute of Technology

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