Alias | Wavefront User Group Meeting
Susan Anderson

AVS Visualization System Users Discussions
Michael Pique

Character Animation with Motion Capture Devices
Juey Chong Ong

Computer Animation in Advertising
Sue Conklin

Computer Graphics Education - Art
Catherine Yoder

Computer Graphics Education - Computer Science
Cary Laxer

Computer Graphics Education - Engineering
Mike McGrath

Computer Graphics Education - K-12
Judy Sachter

Computer Graphics Education Open Meeting
Judy Brown

"Computer Graphics" May 96 Contributors' Meeting
Susan Mair

Computer Graphics Pioneers
Sherry Keowen

Computers in 2D Graphic Arts: Surface, Fashion, and Textile Design
Leslie Nobler-Farber

COSMO 3D - VRML 2.0 Toolkit for Java
Larry McDonough

Cross-Platform Open Inventor of VRML SIG
Robert Wendeman

Graphics Performance Characterization Committee (GPC)
Bob Cramblitt

Information Visualization
Nahum Gershon

Inter-Society for Electronic Art/International Symposium on Electronic Art
Cynthia Beth Rubin

IRIS Explorer User Group Meeting
Kierith Ferrara-Kurth

IRIS Performer Real-Time 3D Programming for Visual Simulation
Larry McDonough

Massively Parallel Rendering
Patricia Crossno

Molecular Graphics
Michael Pique

NW Computer Art & Design
Ken O'Connell

Open Inventor
Larry McDonough

John Schimpf

PRISMS User Meeting
John Wiliett

Public Policy Task Force Special Interest Group Meeting
Robert Ellis

Ray Tracing Roundtable
Eric Haines

SGI Developers Forum
Julie Kelty

SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters
Scott Lang

SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters Training Workshop & Annual Meeting
Scott Lang

SIGGRAPH Small Conferences - Organizing and Information on SIGGRAPH
Chuck Hansen

SIGGRAPH T-Shirt Art Contest
Joe Lohmar

SITO Internet Artists' Collective Reception
Dave Poindexter

UNC - Graphics Reunion
Sherry Palmer

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Demonstrations SIG
Don Brutzman

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Technical Session SIG
Don Brutzman

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