Fifty-two exciting and varied papers were presented in the SIGGRAPH 96 Papers program. Some of the themes that ran through the various sessions included the mixing of images and geometry to represent scenes, the use of hierarchy to manage complexity, and new non-photorealistic rendering techniques.

Papers were integrated with the other SIGGRAPH programs in a number of ways. For example, techniques described in Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs were also used to build the piece entitled Rouen Revisited in The Bridge: SIGGRAPH 96 Art Show. The new architecture presented in the paper Talisman: Commodity Real-Time 3D Graphics for the PC was demonstrated in the Electronic Theater presentation Chicken Crossing and debated in the Panel Graphics PCs Will Put Workstation Graphics in the Smithsonian. Attendees could experience the results of the system described in IMPROV: A System for Scripting Interactive Actors in Virtual Worlds in the Spirits of the Bayou exhibit in the Digital Bayou and see it applied to dance and music in the Applications presentation Real-Time Responsive Synthetic Dancers and Musicians.

The papers program had a spectacular finale with a historic SIGGRAPH first: a remote paper presentation live from Los Angeles. Everyone who saw Barb Meier give this brilliant final presentation will be sure to always stay to the end of the last session at future SIGGRAPH conferences!

Holly Rushmeier
SIGGRAPH 96 Papers Chair

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