A Framework for Interactive Texturing on Curved Surfaces

Hans Køhling Pedersen
Stanford University

Existing techniques for texturing curved surfaces are either only applicable for a limited subset of surface representations (3D painting of parametric patches or dense polygonal meshes for example), or do not lend themselves naturally to interactive texture editing (e.g. procedural and solid textures). Although such methods have been used to produce stunning effects, there is a lack of flexible and general purpose tools, such as those provided by 2D image-processing applications. This work argues that interactive texturing could benefit from a more cohesive paradigm built around a kernel of powerful and general operations. Using an analogy to the evolution of 2D painting algorithms, the paper motivates a framework for interactive texturing operations on curved surfaces and describes an approach for translating, rotating, and warping regions of texture (patchinos) on a surface. These ideas have been implemented for parametric and implicit surfaces. As an interesting side effect, this more unified framework also opens the door to a number of new interactive 3D texturing techniques that have no natural counterparts in two dimensions.

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