Virtual Reality

Steven Feiner
Columbia University

Simulating Facial Surgery Using Finite Element Models
Rolf M. Koch
Markus H. Gross
Daniel F. von Büren
George Fankhauser
Yoav I.H. Parish
Friedrich R. Carls
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Superior Augmented Reality Registration by Integrating Landmark Tracking and Magnetic Tracking
Andrei State
Gentaro Hirota
David T. Chen
Bill Garrett
Mark Livingston
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Technologies for Augmented-Reality Systems: Realizing Ultrasound-Guided Needle Biopsies
Andrei State
Mark A. Livingston
William F. Garrett
Gentaro Hirota
Mary C. Whitton
Etta D. Pisano
Henry Fuchs
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Adding Force Feedback to Graphics Systems: Issues and Solutions
William Mark
Scott Randolph
Mark Finch
James Van Verth
Russell M. Taylor II
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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