GraphicsNet 96 Committee

Bruce Whittet
Sandia National Laboratories

Luis Martinez
Sandia National Laboratories

Shawn Fitzgerald
FORE Systems

Frank Yeh
FORE Systems

Ralph Orlick
University of Illinois at Chicago

C.J. Murzyn
University of Illinois at Chicago

The Onsite Team

David Spoelstra
SIGGRAPH 96 Electronic Support Chair

Steve Van Frank
SIGGRAPH 97 Networking Chair

Eric Wieling
Inter Commerce Corporation

Gerry de Gruiter
Inter Commerce Corporation

Special thanks to these individuals and their employers for their personal and corporate contributions of time, expertise, and creativity.

SIGGRAPH 96 gratefully acknowledges the support of the following companies in making GraphicsNet an outstanding technology demonstration:

FORE Systems
ATM switch hardware
ForeThought Internetworking software
ATM/Ethernet switch hardware
ForeView management software

Sun Microsystems
Netra Internet Servers

Cisco Systems
Internet gateway and intersite routers

Hewlett-Packard Company
Kiosk workstations

10BaseT Ethernet hubs

10BaseT Ethernet hubs

Network design software

Inter Commerce Corporation
Networking support

Finally, the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center networking staff deserve special recognition for the support and technical excellence they contributed to GraphicsNet's success.

SIGGRAPH 96 Networking Chair

Jeff Jortner
Sandia National Laboratories

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