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Session III: Multimedia Applications in Science and Architecture

Utilizing CD-ROMs in Large Science Classes
Paul F. Ramp and Carolyn I. Staples
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Abstract: As a result of economic pressures on academic institutions, introductory science courses are increasingly taught in large lecture formats with limited opportunities for exploratory experiences or student/professor interaction. To address this issue, we've developed a CD-ROM specifically for our students in the introductory biology course. The CD-ROM includes course materials, a tutorial, a test bank, and an introduction to the faculty. Given the information's quantity and breadth and the degree of student sophistication, we have experimented with visual interfaces, deciding on a system of visual residue.

Multimedia Diversity at Clemson University
Stephen David Flagg and Robert Joseph Kosinski
Clemson University

Abstract: We have successfully replaced lectures and labs on microbe, plant, and animal diversity on 25 integrated multimedia modules with the Biology Encyclopedia videodisc in a large introductory course for biology majors. We discuss our experiences in developing a series of interactive multimedia lessons and implementing them with limited resources.

The Virtual Meiji Village
Hitoshi Nakata and the Virtual Meiji Village Group
Kinjo Gakuin University

Abstract: Meiji Mura (Meiji Village) is a unique museum of Japanese architecture of the Meiji period (1868-1912). It occupies an area of 1,000,000 square meters and includes the house of the famous writer Souseki Natsume and the Imperial Hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Virtual Meiji Village project uses Multimedia Tookit on personal computers to create a Meiji Mura database. We present the entire museum using QuickTime VR to show 360-degree landscapes of high points of the museum.

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