Educators Program

Insight, inspiration, and intellectual exploration of how to teach and apply computer graphics at every educational level, from pre-school through post-graduate training.

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SIGGRAPH 97 Call for Participation - Educators Program

K-12 Track

ExploreNet: Constructionism in a Multimedia MUD

Image Manipulation in the K-12 Art Curriculum

Kids and the WWW: A Metaview

Novel Uses of Graphics to Support Physics Lab Work in a Distance Learning Environment

Preparing for the Age of the Image

Sneaking Analytic Geometry Right by Them Using 3D Graphics

Teaching Students to Create WWW Pages in a Secondary School Curriculum

The Digital Construction Zone: Turning Educational Fixer-Uppers into High-Rise Programs

The Use of Hypertext in Educational Settings

World Wide Web: A Springboard to Student Involvement

University Track

Session I: Teaching Computer Graphics
How to Teach Graphics Using X (And Live to Tell About It)

Identifying and Addressing Student Problems in Learning Computer Graphics

Interactive Teaching Modules for Computer Graphics

uisGL: A Teaching Tool

Session II: Distance Learning in the Arts
Corcoran Online: A Unique, College-Level Distance Learning Experience

Graphics Technologies in the Classroom

Session III: Multimedia Applications in Science and Architecture
Multimedia Diversity at Clemson University

The Virtual Meiji Village

Utilizing CD-ROMs in Large Science Classes

Session IV: Does Technology Facilitate Art?
Development of a Basic 2D Design Course: A Comparison Between Traditional and Computer-Generated Methods

Software and Visual Sophistication: How Software Affects Student Performance

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