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Session IV: Does Technology Facilitate Art?

Software and Visual Sophistication: How Software Affects Student Performance
Marla Mayerson
Columbus State Community College

Abstract: This presentation examines how the advances of software affect the level, expectations, curriculum design, and teaching of introductory and intermediate-level computer graphics in a community college curriculum. Also discussed: how the level of software sophistication and ease of use affects the level of sophistication found in student work.

Development of a Basic 2D Design Course: A Comparison Between Traditional and Computer-Generated Methods
Rosalyn Muskovitz
Grand Valley State University

Abstract: Computers have profoundly changed the way design is done. Craft is no longer a primary determining factor in design. It is now possible to explore whether using only computers will allow artists and designers with varied backgrounds to develop two-dimensional design abilities. This course in basic two-dimensional design uses the computer exclusively. It is taught in tandem with several sections taught using traditional methods. Projects from both the traditional and computer course are compared for design quality and completion time.

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